Can I buy a Godaddy domain name without having a web/credit card

Normally Godaddy required a web or a credit card for payments, but if you have a web card (Sampath/Hnb) and haven't money to pay on it, then you can use another paypal account (malaysia/other paypal account) for the transaction. Because Sri Lankans are not allowed to reserve money to their paypal  account. That is why you have to use above method.

How to install windows xp using a Pen (Flash) Drive

How to install windows xp using a Flash Drive

Ok. This is a pretty easy task. I'll tell you the steps to How to install Windows XP from USB Pen drive/FLASH drive.

Step 1. Hit this link and download the software.

Step 2. Just run It.

Step 3. Select Transfer Widows XP/2003 setup to flash from task tab.

Step 4. Hit Next.

Step 5Select the Windows files path and USB DRIVE Path.

Step 6Finally  click Next.

Now it will begin to make a bootable copy of windows xp in Your Flash Drive. Then you can use your memory stick as like as a bootable xp cd.


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Welcome To Faq Lanka